Feb 12, 2010


Come find me at my new home!

Just A Night Owl

Feb 10, 2010

Day 78. Confessions.

 I think I have been so caught up in making sure that I am DOING SCHOOL correctly that I have forgotten to DO SCHOOL. Can that be possible? 

I think it can. For I know those that are so busy planning their lives, they forget to live them. So focused on creating the correct process in which to implement something, that they forget why they even need the process. 

Sometimes you HAVE TO LET GO...and just do, just be, just let it happen.

I feel like the kids are not learning. I mean they are passing tests. Our days seem to be a series of check marks to finish curriculum for the day. A countdown 'til summer, just like my bloggy blog. Perhaps this is because of the type of curriculum I have chosen, am I implementing it incorrectly, mid year blahs, or the overachiever in me?

It's very hard to balance two older kids with two different curriculums, and a curious and insanely active pre-k student. Meet all their needs at once.

Home school fairy god mother, where are you? Hmmmm.

 Cynics look high and low for wisdom—and never find it; 
   the open-minded find it right on their doorstep!

Proverbs 14:6  (the message)

Now there are just 92 school days left until summer.

Day 77. Guests Are Coming.

It's amazing when you learn something new, start paying attention to it, and find that it is everywhere, ya know? Three families I know in the last month, have decided to homeschool. I couldn't be happier. For them of course, but let's just be honest...more FRIENDS along the way. I want to find a forum where I can get all kinds of information. Books just really don't work out for me. They have no pictures, they are long, and well sometimes boring. I want to hear from a real live person. Perhaps through a convention, where experts can speak, or people share real life experiences or through my friends. That is how I learn best.

SO SO SO....that leads me to the GUESTS ARE COMING title of today's post. I decided to contact some people via Facebook to see if they would consider guest posting on my blog. Would you believe that I had 35 people that I know that either homeschool or were home schooled. That's amazing. What a resource. I have contacted these people and have I'm in from 9 lined up so far. This series of amazing incredible peeps is coming soon. All aspects will be represented from newbies, to veterans, to kids who were, to peeps who haven't even started yet.  They are going to share their best tips, or personal stories. 

How fabulous is this gonna be? Can't wait.

Now there are just 93 school days left until summer.

Day 76. Copy Cat.

Have you ever noticed when you are in a new situation that doing some familiar things just makes you feel "normal?"

I left my home church of 25 years, a few years back, when my husband accepted a worship pastor position at a new church in Elk Grove, Ca. EVERYTHING was foreign. I hated it in the beginning. People in this strange place, talked about things like getting stuck behind the train, power lines too close to their house, and the developers buying up too much land. Well five years later, I can say I do hate getting stuck behind the train, I still could care less where they put the power lines, and I wish the developers would buy all the land and DEVELOP it. At the time however, I was completely lost.

One night after I had been here a couple of months, I attended a scrapbook night at the church. FINALLY, I understood and related to what people were talking about. I knew what the circle cutter was, related to being overwhelmed with too many pictures, and absolutely understood how you want to own ALL the scrapbook paper, but really have no use for that much of it. It may seem silly, but on that night, I met some of the best friends I have here, still to this day.

My point is, that familiarity is comforting. Therefore, we have decided to put on an open house for our school. The kids looked forward to the one night each year that people came to see what THEY were doing and learning at Bradshaw. We got to step into their world and understand a little bit more. We will be busy getting ready for it. The kids are excited and planning is underway. It will be held during the first part of March and pictures will come for sure! Stay tuned....

Now there are just 94 school days left until summer.

Day 75. Take Me Away.

Somedays are "don't get out of bed, kinda ones" and for SOME days, its o.k. Today is such a day. In my house right now...Cameron is studying science. Taylor is reading the Secret Garden. Emma is racing Mario and I, am dreaming of a few of my favorite places....

Oh, just being in this store inspires me. It is absolutely a true expression of what I love.

How about some exotic ness? Like Kauai? I  have been to the Caribbean and the beaches of Rio.  Can I tell you that Kauai is still my favorite? What's not to love?

 aaaahhh, and then there is the place where red bulls eye lives...enough said.

How about a Broadway Show? I'll see any production of anything and find something to love about it. There are so many to get lost in...I love 'em all. It's one of my greatest escapes.

And last but not least...Mickey and Minnie are always at their front door waiting for me...

and now there is just 95 school days left until summer....

Feb 9, 2010

I'm Packing.

I am packing and will soon be moving to my new blog home, in a land called
Just A Night Owl.

Here is a sneak peek of my new logo.
My site will be up soon.
My husband designed a fantastic new space for me.

I love you Babe...
Thank you!

Just A Night Owl

PLAY Wall Art.

This simple reminder and good use of scrapbook paper hangs on the wall in my home. I bought sixteen wooden squares from Joann's ( I had to special order).  I bought some yummy scrapbook paper with lots of different textures and some wooden letters to spell one of my favorite words... 
P L A Y. Then I grabbed some left over fabric and embellishments from around the house and went to work.

1. Paint the sides of all squares. Make sure and paint the face of four of the squares that will hold the wooden letters on the rest, it doesn't matter. I chose ivory paint.
2. Paint the wooden letters to the desired color. I chose black.
3. Cut the paper/fabric to size for the face of the squares. I used both fabric and paper on mine.
4. Use Modge Podge to adhere papers, fabrics, and letters onto the squares.
5. Use any flowers, charms, ribbons, stickers, to accessorize... should you desire! 

This quote to live by 

"Never underestimate the power of acting young silly and crazy"

was a sticker mounted on light green solid scrapbook paper and mounted again on my original polka dot paper

The blue paper had a cool little BE YOURSELF design already in the design so I just cut it to make sure I had that part showing and then added three self adhesive silver embellishments

Make sure you paint all the sides of the squares! As clearly, thanks to this pic above, I missed a bit on the toile square. OOPS! I have to go back and do that one...

I used command strips to hang these up.
(YES, they really DO work!)

I want to make more! Imagine the possibilities!

Just A Night Owl

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